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    only 8% of real fans will get tickets!

    interesting article showing the infuriating side of the game,,1759262,00.html Fans bear the brunt of ticket snub In the second week of our campaign against Fifa's unfair ticketing policy for Germany 2006, Denis Campbell examines how the real...
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    Justice For The 96

    A Terrace Called Leppings Lane. Check the tickets in my wallet, Then swig my cup of tea, 7.30 in the morning, One game from Wembley. Out the door and on the street, Off to meet the boys, To sing the songs we love to sing, When we fill the ground with noise. The coach pulls up and we all pile...
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    irish radio - jose mourinho go to jose and his amazing techniclour overcoat
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    players wages

    who earns the most a week?
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    Maldini Chat

    stupid subscription!,,,now i cant ask a question like before.
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    Kaká Thread

    can someone post pics of him modelling for armani! EDIT BY SEAMUS - This is now the Official: Kaká Thread (Ricardo Izecson Santos)
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    milan on tv?

    i know sky will be showing some english teams from the tour of champions but does anyone know if they will be showing the milan games?
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    Copa America

    i was really looking forward to watching the copa america after euro2004 but theres no kaka,ronaldo and ronaldinho now,i thought it was a huge competition,maybe it should be staged in one of the years between the european championships and the world cup :conf: