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  1. DugiNesta

    Shoya Tomizawa dies after San Marino crash

    Just seen the crash on the news. Rest in peace SHOYA the accident:
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    Look at this guy here :| just watch this.
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    CL: AC Milan - Lille, (06/12/2006)

    This is our last game in group stage. We are already in next round. Hope we get a positive result. My predicition 2-0 Gila twice :tongue: Forza Milan :star:
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    Happy birthday Galliani

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIANO GALLIANI MILAN - Adriano Galliani celebrates his birthday today, having been born in Monza on July 30, 1944 Happy birthday to Gallani PS: i don't know if i posted this thread in nice place :D
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    Official: Ferdinando Coppola thread

    Official: Ferdinando Coppola Thread CONGRATULATIONS COPPOLA FAMILY MILAN – Goalkeeper Ferdinando Coppola became a father today with the birth of his daughter Benedetta. Congratulations to the Coppola family from everyone at AC Milan and all of the Rossoneri fans! Congratulions...
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    What Kind of Rocker Are You?

    You Are a Glam Rocker! You put the "show" in rock show with your larger than life self. No doubt, you are all about making good music... But what really gets you going is having an over the top show. Glitter, costumes, and wild hair are your thing - with some rock thrown in! What Kind...
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    Fifa World Raking

    1 Brazil 835 2 Czech Republic 789 3 Netherlands 788 4 Argentina 765 5 USA 764 6 Spain 763 7 Mexico 762 8 France 760 9 England 0 756 10 Portugal 755 11 Turkey 743 12...
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    Africa Nations Cup

    i will look there will Play allot of Players that Play in EUROPE the open game will be in 20 - 01 Group A 20/01/2006 Cairo Stadium 18:00 Egypt - Libya 21/01/2006 Cairo Stadium 13:00 Morocco - Ivory Coast 24/01/2006 Cairo Stadium 16:15 Libya - Ivory Coast 24/01/2006 Cairo Stadium 19:00...
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    Ac Milan - Ascoli (18/01/2006)

    The game will Start in 20 - 30 PM Italian Time :D 1-st time that i open theard about game hope we win 4-0
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    Diego Maradona Arrested

    Diego Maradona Arrested Argentina’s greatest soccer player of all time Diego Maradona was finally released on Thursday morning after being arrested in the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro after a series of incidents. Maradona was arrested by the Brazilian Federal Police, along with some...
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    Post your e-mail's

    post your e-mails if you wan't
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    For What in the well you remove where i live : I live in Gjilan,Kosovo,Albania And why i can't My avatar UNIDET STATE OF ALBANIA by the way and yugoslav Have polistic Avatar why you let him and me no I Really Can't Understard you :conf: :conf:
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    Official NBA Thread

    Do you Like Nba Wich team do you support i like : Indiana Pacers and los angelos lakers i like : Jermaine O'neal and Kobe Bryant and who will get this year