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  1. Besi

    Maldini 'Considering Newcastle Move' ??

    AC Milan veteran Paolo Maldini has revealed he's mulling over whether to join English outfit Newcastle United in the summer after the Magpies made him an offer. The 39-year-old defender has spent his entire career with the Rossoneri, but having said he would retire at the end of this season...
  2. Besi


    Goodbye to all .. after many years here.. I decided to quit the forum.. I made so many friends here.. starting from Kyara to the rest.. & I will be always thankfull to the forum for that... P.S. Peace and FORZA MILAN !!
  3. Besi

    What's wrong with ULTRAS and other Milan fans ?

    I heard there is a problem betwen club and the fans.. what's wrong ? Even Maldini said " we feel like playing in neutral ground in San Siro " .. "Ultras dont support us.. even fans in other sectors" .. Maybe this was discussed in other threads.. but I cant find it.. I was out for some time...
  4. Besi

    Oguchi Onyewu

    Oguchi Onyewu's move to Fulham has been put on hold, and now the American defender may be headed to AC Milan, according to speculation out of Italy. The Cottagers certainly crave the Standard Liege defender, but Standard Liege has been balking at agreeing terms with the Premiership side -- the...
  5. Besi

    Leandro Grimi ?

    MILAN - the Milan in wait to acquire Oddo and one heads, has put to sign the first blow of winter market. The rossonera society for two million euro has concluded the purchase of the terzino left of the Racing Avellaneda, Leandro Grimi. The boy, class '82, will be in Italy for the medical visits...
  6. Besi

    Berlusconi vs Rivera? There is something going on betwen them , there is also something on official site .. but I dont understand anythinggg...can someone translate ? It seems someone slapped already Berlusconi..
  7. Besi

    MSN error codes!

    I cant sign to MSN all the day , I get this error code : 80072745 , I check in internet and there is nothing that helps .. its damn annoying , I turned off the firewall of antivirus , deleted cookies , re-installed the MSN and everything else but still doesnt work.. Anyone more competent who...
  8. Besi

    The New & Improved Official Milan Site

    The new look is far better than the previous one :) + the pictures are free.. What you think guys ?
  9. Besi

    Official: Daniele Bonera Thread

    A.C. MILAN COMUNICATO UFFICIALE 28/07/2006 MILANO - L'A.C. Milan comunica di aver acquisito a titolo definitivo dal Parma FC le prestazioni del calciatore Daniele Bonera, difensore classe 1981, che ha firmato un contratto fino al 30 giugno 2010.
  10. Besi

    M O G G I - B U S T E D!

    Finally someone opened this discussion !!! Pls someone put this man in jail !!
  11. Besi

    Go add your picture at I added some ;) .. if someone finds mine pictures wins 5 euro ;)
  12. Besi

    Moggi to Milan ?

    Moggi Denies Milan Move The Juventus General Director rebuffed the rumours that he is on the verge of joining the Rossoneri. Luciano Moggi declared his intention of remaining in Turin with the Bianconeri, despite admitting that there is a good relationship with the Milan club. “I’m fine...
  13. Besi

    AC Milan vs Sampdoria 28,1 ,2006

    1/28/2006 Milan - Sampdoria Serie A 2005/2006 Payback timeee !
  14. Besi

    Siena vs AC Milan Jan 22, 2006

    So in sunday : Siena vs AC Milan Jan 22, 2006 .. Like I wrote in Milan vs Ascoli thread , we always suffered to Siena , I hope this time we will have better motivation to win the away games .. and switch back to our system with Kaka in atacking midfielder.. they seem lost in 4-4-2 .. and its...
  15. Besi

    Fernando Torres Thread

    Torres On Milan Agenda? Spanish daily 'Corriere dello Sport' say Milan are interested in signing Atletico Madrid striker Fernando Torres. The Rossoneri have been linked with the Spaniard in the past, with Chelsea and Arsenal also said to be keen. Although a January move has been muted...
  16. Besi

    Free Sms Worldwide

    Does anyone has website for free sms worldwide and want to share it here ? I send from .. but its limited , for some providers it doesnt work.. Any site for free sms :D ?
  17. Besi

    Milan win Lugano chase

    Milan have beaten off heated competition for the right to buy Sao Paulo's Diego Lugano. The latter is currently considered the best defender in the Brazilian League and has been identified as the new blood required to revive the Rossoneri’s creaking rearguard. The 24-year-old has replaced...
  18. Besi

    Download blocker ?

    If anyone know any program that blocks the download? I have internet caffe and my provider limited the download.. if someone can help .. it will be very nice :cool: ..
  19. Besi

    Milan consider Reveillère ?

    Milan are monitoring the progress of Lyon defender Antoine Reveillère as they look to rejuvenate their ageing back line. In addition to 37-year-old club captain Paolo Maldini and Billy Costacurta, who is now in his 40th year, Milan boast Marcos Cafu, 35, at right-back in one of the oldest...
  20. Besi

    Google Earth

    Did anyone tried Google Earth? it offers maps and satellite images for complex or pinpointed regional searches , its really coool.. I just tried it .. 1st you need to download the software in .. than you can take images live from Satelite..