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  1. Noyon9s

    Week 36: Hellas Verona vs Milan 08/05/2022 20:45 CET

    Why is the Serie A calendar so shit. The games should be happening at the same time. If Milan win here, they need to match the times for next weeks round. An Inter loss next week would mean a Milan win could have earned them the scudetto at home in the same game
  2. Noyon9s

    Week 35: Milan vs Fiorentina 01/05/2022 15:00 CET

    Anyone have a link to high res photos from the game? some of the statia shots are spectacular
  3. Noyon9s

    Curva Sud Milano (The A.C. Milan Ultras Thread)

    yes there was a small contingent that was given tickets from the club
  4. Noyon9s

    Curva Sud Milano (The A.C. Milan Ultras Thread)

    At the Liverpool away game in UCL I remember these 'ultras' wanted everyone to move back to the deeper rows so they could be front and center even though none of the seats were allocated. They weren't very pleased when I told them I wasn't moving, put up a huge fuss like they wanted to fight...
  5. Noyon9s

    Lucas Paquetá Thread

    He had a couple decent games late January and February but never contributed more than a couple flashy moves which never lead to key movements in the team. Consider now that this was in the 2018/19 season. He did alot worse last season. Something isn't right in his training and granted he has...
  6. Noyon9s

    Lucas Paquetá Thread

    Biggest flop signing in the banter era. At least with Bonucci and Higuain we got balanced and Piatek helped us for 4 months.
  7. Noyon9s

    Official: Andre Miguel Valente da Silva Thread

    There are some weird controversies surrounding this guy at the moment. Supposedly faking injuries so he cant play?
  8. Noyon9s

    History Made As... History Made As Father, Son Share Same Field History was made on the weekend, as Carlos Maria Morales and his son Juan Manuel Morales both turned out for Montevideo Wanderers in an official Uruguayan league match... History Made As...
  9. Noyon9s

    Bastian Schweinsteiger

    We have been linked with him and i think he will be a good signing but i'd rather get a striker than pay his rescission clause. Here's the source - it says - ================================== Milan are reportedly chasing German...