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  1. Gatorbasu

    Milan chief aims racial slur at Balotelli

    What the hell is this? Can you imagine what kinda stupid/jerk off this guy (Paolo Berlusconi) is?
  2. Gatorbasu

    Does anybody have MILAN's 30 minutes celebration on MILAN channel?

    I recorded it from 2007 June telecast of MILAN channel right after we won the CL. It was a half an hour show. The show televised all the way from the MALPENSA airport to the city center by an open bus full of our players and then the ultimate celebration of fireworks at the SAN SIRO...
  3. Gatorbasu

    Copa Libertadores

    Is anybody interested in Internaciol and Sau Paolo for the Copa Libatodores final ?? Al least, the viewers in US can watch the game in FOX SPORTS on FRIDAY @ 4:00 PM (CST).
  4. Gatorbasu

    Juventus deserve bigger crowds says Moggi !!

    MILAN, Oct 4 (Reuters) - Juventus have appealed to their fans to turn out in greater numbers after Sunday's big game with Inter Milan attracted a smaller crowd than a third division game played on the same day. The near 68,000 capacity Delle Alpi stadium was less than half full for the visit of...
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    Does anybody know when INTER and JUVE would square off for this tournament ?? Just curios.
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    Praise from UEFA Executive !!

    I am a proud MILANISTA. This is what is called a CLASS ACT !! ********************************************************** GALLIANI RECEIVES UEFA COMPLEMENTS 5/27/2005 3:48:00 PM MILAN - Below is the full text of the fax Milan received from UEFA on Friday May 27 following the Champions League...
  7. Gatorbasu

    Ac Milan And Warner Bros Tie-up

    Source: ACMILAN.COM MILAN – A historical union between football and entertainment: AC Milan and Warner Bros presented the launch of an epic partnership for the growth of licensing on a world level in the Executive room at the San Siro. The...
  8. Gatorbasu

    History Lesson on MILAN DERBY !!

    I got this article from ESPN SOCCERNET.COM. ********************************************************** Go to Sevilla, and they will tell you their local derby is THE derby, and all others pale in comparison - which shouldn't be surprising if you consider (cliche alert!) the sunny climate of the...
  9. Gatorbasu

    Revenue of Soccerr clubs and MILAN

    Revenue of Soccer clubs and MILAN I thought this is an interesting article in terms of how soccer clubs make money !!! ********************************************************* Thursday February 17, 6:06 AM Manchester United still richest club in the world ADVERTISEMENT By Trevor...
  10. Gatorbasu

    Any web site to watch WC Qualifiers ??

    Can anyone help on this ?? I am trying to see UKRAINE's WC matches but there is no way that I get this on TV, at least that I know of. Is there any website where I can watch, even if it is not live that would be OK.
  11. Gatorbasu


    I was a little sad after reading this article. Some sort of soccer reform has to be in ITALY. Unfortunately, the finger would first be pointed towards none other than MR. GALLIANI ?? They need to market SERIE A more aggresively adn raise money and redistribute to all its member clubs...
  12. Gatorbasu

    CL Grouping for year 2004-2005

    Here is the grouping for the first stage of CL 2004-2005 according to SOCCERNET.COM. Group A Deportivo La Coruna; LIVERPOOL; AS Monaco; Olympiakos Group B Real Madrid; AS Roma; Bayer Leverkusen; Dynamo Kiev Group C Bayern Munich;Juventus; Ajax Amsterdam; Maccabi Tel-Aviv Group D...
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    An Old Lady In Trouble !!

    News of the Juventus demise was apparently premature three months ago, when we first dealt with the issue following three defeats in a row for the Turin club. But after Milan all but sent them crashing out of the Scudetto race with a 3-1 win at the Stadio delle Alpi at the weekend their status...
  14. Gatorbasu

    Italian clubs could face administration

    MILAN, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Italian football clubs might be put into administration so their finances could be cleaned up, a leading parliamentarian said on Friday. Fraud investigators began to sort through paperwork they had seized from dozens of teams in raids on Thursday. 'Now we have the...
  15. Gatorbasu

    History of MILAN's survival and RIVERA

    I thought of posting this article. I haven't seen this yet anywhere in our site. Sorry, if there is already any thread existing on this topic. Enjoy, FORZA MILANO Sunday, January 4, 2004 Roberto Gotta Tales from the Rivera...
  16. Gatorbasu

    Anti-European feeling grows in Brazil ??

    Any comment !! ************************************************************* RIO DE JANEIRO, Dec 11 (Reuters) - A wave of anti-European sentiment has swept through Brazilian football over Milan's treatment of Rivaldo, FIFA's Player of the Year award and a row over the release of Kaka for next...
  17. Gatorbasu

    DAVIDS to ROMA !!

    Davids set for summer Roma move MILAN, Sept 23 (Reuters) - AS Roma president Franco Sensi says he will bring Juventus midfielder Edgar Davids to the club at the end of this season. Dutch international Davids has fallen out of favour at Juventus after talks over a contract extension...
  18. Gatorbasu

    Serie A to be expanded to 20 teams

    WWW.SOCCERNET.COM writes: Tuesday, September 9, 2003 MILAN, Sept 9 (Reuters) - Italy's Serie A will be expanded from 18 to 20 teams next season after a deal was finally struck with rebel second division clubs who had boycotted the start of the current campaign. Serie B will return to...
  19. Gatorbasu

    Real Madrid could be headed for India

    See, read the following. I really think that MILAN should make a move in the huge market of China and India. I hope that WE (MILAN) don't fall behind. TIMES NEWS NETWORK[ WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 03, 2003 03:47:13 AM ] NEW DELHI: For those forever drunk on David Beckham, and of late, Real Madrid...
  20. Gatorbasu

    Cheating at JUVE ????!!!

    ROME (AFP) - The mother of striker Alessandro Del Piero leapt to the defence of her son who was summoned by the judge in the Juventus doping trial in Turin. Del Piero testified at a court hearing on Monday into charges that club doctors gave him and the other players illegal substances between...