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    Serie A vs English Premier League

    i dont know if this has been mentioned before, (it probaly has) but how good would it be too watch a serie a dream team against an english premier league dream team?? also a spanish one would be nice. I would love to see a game like this where the players took it serious so it could decide...
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    Rui Costa To Benfica?

    This from 03/24/2003. Milan midfielder Manuel Rui Costa says he wants to return to former club Benfica as soon as possible. "I have thought of my return since the day that I left," he said over the phone to more than 100,000 fans who had gathered for the club's last match at the...
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    Australia v England Friendly

    who do u reackon will win?
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    Dimitry Sychev

    Dimitry Sychev - is he a milan player? I got this magazine which had a guide to every club in serie a and in milan's section it had something along the lines of "Look out for new signings Rivaldo and Dimitry Sychev the talented 18 year old russian" Is he really a milan player?
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    does anyone know if you can subscribe for the milan channel outside of italy? i live in australia and get to see 10 minutes of milan highlights a week if im lucky and im sure my dad would love to have a whole tv channel dedicated to ac milan. please tell if me if this is possible or if you know...