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  1. Pedro

    The Beauty of Milan

    I have never been a fanatic when it comes to supporting a football club. Despite this I did become a fan of Milan to give watching football more meaning. How I remember it, the football players of Milan were a strong influence for choosing Milan. Recently I've dropped most of my interest in...
  2. Pedro

    Week 7: AC Milan (3)- Chievo Verona (1) 16/10/2010

    Our next game is again on a Saturday, two weeks later. On paper an easy game, surely if you compare it to the games we will get after this one. So it's important to win this one. The game starts at 6 pm Italy time (which is 5 pm GMT or 17:00 BST).
  3. Pedro

    CL Matchday 2: Ajax (1) - AC Milan (1) 28/09/2010

    The second match of our UEFA Champions League group will be against Ajax. Currently we are leading the table (along Real Madrid): 1. AC Milan (3 points) 2. Real Madrid CF (3) 3. AFC Ajax (0) 4. AJ Auxerre (0) Are Milan and Real going to have 6 points after Tuesday? It would make sense...
  4. Pedro

    1/2 - Germany (0) vs. Spain (1) - July 7th

    Forza Germany!!!! :proud: 20:30 Italy time...
  5. Pedro

    1/4 - Paraguay (0) vs. Spain (1) - July 3rd

    Not the two teams I wanted to see. David Villa for a hattrick! :star: Make them cry, David, make them cry! It's the 2nd match of the 3rd of July (20:30 Italy time).
  6. Pedro

    1/4 - Argentina (0) vs. Germany (4) - July 3rd

    Germany will win this one. Why? Because Maradona is a tactical noob. Finally a strong side for Argentina... they have no midfield, lol. It's the 1st match of the 3rd of July (16:00 Italy time).