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  1. Nikfes

    Week 7: Juventus 3-2 Milan 6/10/2013

    El Shaarawy, Montolivo fully fit for this one. Lets do this, Forza Milan!
  2. Nikfes

    The electronic Touchplayers

    Galliani: "The sale of the new electronic cards, Touchplayers, will start in the next few days." Galliani: "Milan is the first club to make these electronic Touchplayers cards, thanks to our collaboration with Giochi Preziosi." Galliani: "The electronic Touchplayers cards will allow you to see...
  3. Nikfes

    Friendly match: Milan (6) vs FC Sion (0) - 22/03/2013

    Rino coming back to Milan as Sion's playing coach. :proud:
  4. Nikfes

    Week 20: Sampdoria (0) vs AC Milan (0) - 13/1/2013

    A very important game to keep in touch with the CL spot. Let's beat Jube and after that win against Samp. FORZA MILAN!
  5. Nikfes

    Official Floorball/Innebandy/Salibandy thread

    So guys, I'd like to open this thread about a sport you may not know. I'm sure that people from Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Czech Republic and now Latvia know that this fast and dynamic sport exists. I doubt that people from other continents know, maybe the minority of you. Anyway, in...
  6. Nikfes

    Week 18: AS Roma (4) vs Milan (2) - 22/12/2012

    Let's end 2012 with a great win and a fifth win in a row! FORZA MILAN!:star: EDIT: My third match thread in a row, will it be succesful as well? :D
  7. Nikfes

    Week 17: Milan (4) vs Pescara (1) - 16/12/2012

    A home game against probably the worst team in the league. Totally must win and gain more confidence before the important match against Roma. FORZA MILAN!
  8. Nikfes

    Week 16: Torino (2) vs Milan (4) - 9/12/2012

    An important away game. Anything else other than three points is unacceptable. FORZA MILAN!:star: Match time: 14:00 GMT
  9. Nikfes

    Czech football thread

    Haha, probably the best league in the Universe..NOT I doubt anyone is interesting in this filthy, corrupted piece of shit of a country, but I'm creating this anyway.
  10. Nikfes

    Game of Thrones

    What an awesome TV series. Seriously one of the best I have ever seen. I probably rate it higher than Dexter. So much unexpected stuff, s much unexpected deaths the development of the plot. You seriously never say surely what will happen, so many surprises. And also the topic - I love these...
  11. Nikfes

    Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim

    Hi guys, I'd like to start a thread about this great game, which is certainly played a lot. You can talk about everything related with Skyrim or Elder Scrolls games e.g the new Elder Scrolls Online. Anyway, as I said, you can post everything in here. From your favourite race to some quest...
  12. Nikfes

    And what now?

    Obviously, a lot of you are asking yourself this question: And what now? What will Milan do without it's top players? Will we be competetive anymore? Who will replace Thiago Silva and Ibra? Will the replacements be proper, or will they be traditionaly "fodder freebies"? Possible...
  13. Nikfes

    John Guidetti

    The Swedish teenager recently appointed renowned agent Mino Raiola as his representative, and rumours have emerged that the transfer guru may help the Rossoneri sign the player The 19-year-old Swede, who is on loan at the Rotterdam outfit from Manchester City, has been the star of Eredivisie...