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  1. Sonny.Bill.Williams

    Matchday stats

    Thread where you can post Stats summaries after matches Lazio game: Anyone can contribute ,just try to avoid posting same things :) I will try to keep this updated
  2. Sonny.Bill.Williams

    UEFA Age Group Competitions

    Thread was missing . All Discussions for Uefa age group competitions can take place here instead of making a new thread each time. 2011 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship Can't really imagine anything other than a Spain-Ingerland final ,Spain to win it ......Media wankfest...
  3. Sonny.Bill.Williams

    Official FantaCalcio thread

    The thread for all Italian fantasy league related news anyone have a good site post it up and for those interested in a public league you can join registration is easy make a profile and buy your dream team in a budget of 100 monies enjoy :) my team: Ducklings...
  4. Sonny.Bill.Williams

    The Official Rugby Thread

    Due to the incessant plea's(:o:D) for a rugby thread and for the countless closet fans i have taken it upon myself to open a rugby thread for Internationals ...and club rugby finals Enjoy;) for those not familiar with the game here is a short run-down of the basics of the game...
  5. Sonny.Bill.Williams

    Luca Santonocito Thread

    Fullname: Luca Santonocito Born: 11 Feb 1991 Birthplace: Mariano Comense Signed: 28 Aug 2007 Position: Left-back Welcome to the new ERA anther sleepy eye'd kid from Merda :proud: please sticky
  6. Sonny.Bill.Williams

    Couch Scout

    who do you think will be the standout player of this WC? Not necessarily goals but overall performance .
  7. Sonny.Bill.Williams

    What would be success for us this season?

    Following the napoli draw people are starting to question our title push ....If you have faith or none what would you say would make us a success come the end of the season ?
  8. Sonny.Bill.Williams

    Who would you like to see in a milan shirt next season

    -budget is 50mil -max of 10 players in -max of 8 players out (free or sold) -List your squad of thirty My team (Price in mill) OUT-Favali(Retired);Dida(Retire);Roma(1-2);Kaladze(4-7);Gattuso(4-7);Jankoluvski(3-6);Oddo(4-6);Pirlo(12-15);= taking lowest possible-28mil (highest=43) IN-Sergio...