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  1. Sheva0172

    Il derby della Madonnina, Supercoppa d'Italia: AC Milan (2) vs. Inter (1) - 6/08/2011

    The opening of the season 2011-2012, in Beijing. The winner of the Scudetto vs the winners of the Coppa Italia. I'm expecting for us to beat them in great style right away since they have Leo while we have Max. QVg72aUN-4I
  2. Sheva0172

    Milan's 2010, R&B forums review.

    Hi guys. With the game against Roma being played there are no matches left in 2010. Time to evaluate last year. Answer these questions and explain why you gave that answer. The greatest goal of 2010 Milan's best player in 2010 Milan's best transfer (incoming & outgoing) Milans worst transfer...
  3. Sheva0172

    1/2 - Uruguay (2) vs. Netherlands (3) - July 6th

    20:30 Cape Town Two times World Champion Uruguay will play two times finalists the Netherlands in Cape Town. The Dutch are unbeaten for 24 games in a row after beating Brazil while Uruguay also won every game since there opener against France. Your thoughts, who will make the final? Forgot to...
  4. Sheva0172

    1/4 - Netherlands (2) vs. Brazil (1) - July 2nd

    16:00 Port Elizabeth, the Dutch will meet the Brazilians. 2 teams who used to play great football but both are really economical on this stage. Both teams came here with only 1 goal, bringing the cup back home. Let me be honest, i'm not proud at all on my teams football. Only on the results. I...
  5. Sheva0172

    1/16 - Netherlands (2) vs. Slovakia (1) - June 28th

    Post you're thoughts about this match.
  6. Sheva0172

    Christian Maldini The one and only next #3. I really want this kid to make the first team, i know he's in Milans youth but thats all i've heard about him in two years. Does anyone knows excactly whats up with him? He's almost 14 so in 2 years he needs...
  7. Sheva0172

    AC Milan's Financial Situation Thread

    Hi, i'm always very interested in the financial situations from football clubs and offcourse especially in Milans. But actually i really don't have a clue how Milan is doing financially. Today on this forum i've read this message: Article on
  8. Sheva0172

    Gregory van der Wiel

    There are not a lot of players potentially good enough to make our beloved team stronger but Ajax has 2 of them. Besides Suarez (who i already gave a thread here) there is Gregory van der Wiel. He is a right back and he is just 21 years old. vd Wiel also is an capped player (5 times this year)...
  9. Sheva0172

    Game; What is Kaká thinking?

    Oke, this is how this little game works. I'll post a picture and you guys tell me what Kaká is thinking at that moment:
  10. Sheva0172

    Luis Suarez

    Personal information: Full name Luis Alberto Suárez Diaz Date of birth January 24, 1987 (1987-01-24) (age 22) Place of birth Salto, Uruguay Height 1.81 m (5 ft 11+1⁄2 in) Playing position Second striker / Striker / Winger I've seen this guy playing for a few years...