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  1. Jivara

    FIFA thread

    Its seems strange to me that we dont have a thread for the governing body of world football FIFA. They are always in the news and lets admit it, they are an important part of all our lives, just for the fact that we know a thing or two about football. I think it's appropriate to open this...
  2. Jivara

    stevan JOVETIC !!!

    The best upcoming talent is finally on the market it seems ---- Jovetic set to leave Fiorentina - report The 22-year-old second striker is believed to be keen on moving to a bigger club after four years with at the Artemio Franchi, with Inter and Napoli reportedly interested Jun 3, 2012...
  3. Jivara

    The football boots you own

    This thread is to discuss football boots that you own, would like to own, or have owned in the past, or it can be a thread about the football boots out there in general. I just received the new total 90 laser boots (orange, black white) and for the first time I am using this weird material...
  4. Jivara

    Eid Mubarak

    Tomorrow is Eid al-Adha (the big Eid), I wish you all and your families a happy and prosperous year that fulfils all your good-will ambitions, and a year of good health as well. :thumbsup:
  5. Jivara

    Pes 2012

    I noticed everyone here has become a Fifa fan, and there is no thread dedicated to PES, and I completely understand why many people switched, but I think the new PES 2012 has improved so much from the worst one 2011. I think they went back to the old arcade style which got everyone hooked in...
  6. Jivara

    Week 13: Torino (2) VS. AC Milan (2) - 23/11/08

    First time I open a thread, first of all im hoping we win, 2nd I want a different scoreline than 1-0 -------------------Abbiatti ----Zambro----Bonera----Kaladze-----Janku --------------Flamini-----Gattuso --------------Kaka-------Ronaldinho ---------------Inzaghi---Pato lets face it, torino...
  7. Jivara

    Dedication to the Lamest Jokes on the forum

    Ok, ive been on the receiving end of some of the most horrible and kindergarten jokes ive ever read, this last one by a chap that goes by the name of Shimec forced me to do this, actually it was Beemer's reaction to his joke, or should I say Lame Joke, I also remember we had a few bad ones here...
  8. Jivara

    vote for the big man upfront

    we definatly need a new striker for next season and our club officials have given a strong indication that its going to be a tall and powerful striker like drogba, adebayor or etoo (doesnt follow that characteristic but hes still linked). i think that is exactly what we need, a target man, we...
  9. Jivara

    Who is better? Del Piero vs. Raul

    I think these 2 players have had a very similar career and both have began playing during the same period showing magic at a very young age then fading away at an age when a footballer is expected to reach his peak only to return to their best towards the end of their careers in an attempt to...
  10. Jivara

    Milan Games in Geneva

    does anyone know where I can follow Milan in Geneva? i need an answer as soon as possible possibly before the atalanta game today... guys i dont function properly if i dont watch milan play, this is urgent stuff, SOS shit. merci
  11. Jivara

    In's and Out's

    the transfer section is filled with threads about different players that play in different positions, the dream signing thread and the rumour commode isnt the best place to put this so i decided to make a seperate thread which I hope will not be closed. this thread is very simple, as long as you...