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    Club Wages Table

    Full table here:
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    50 greatest managers of all time

    1. Alex Ferguson 2. Helenio Herrera 3. Ottmar Hitzfeld 4. Giovanni Trapattoni 5. Brian Clough 6. Bob Paisley 7. Valeri Lobanovskiy 8. Miguel Munoz 9. Jose Mourinho 10. Jock Stein 11. Matt Busby 12. Rinus Michels 13. Ernst Happel 14. Udo Lattek 15. Marcello Lippi 16. Nereo Rocco 17. Fabio...
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    Fifa 12

    FIFA 12: First details The first FIFA 12 details are starting to sneak out, via the French version of Official PlayStation Magazine. According to rough translations of the magazine, this year's footy sim is set to include an 'Impact Engine' which realistically tracks player contact and...
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    AC Milan commentator

    For those who moan about the English bias from the English commentators, watch these: Aij2zKlOiBg 7LBmXC_NZb0 sF0u4QTEMcA N9wBtC4Tl5s What a legend :D:star:
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    Anyone here a fan?
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    Demographic study of European footballers

    A new demographic study into footballers in Europe has been published and it reveals a number of interesting findings. If asked, for example, which club has the most active internationals, most people would probably answer Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United or Chelsea. However it is, in...
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    Selling games

    There's a game shop near me where you can go in and they'll buy your games and then sell them on. My mate took Fifa 10 there in March and got £15, so that gives me a bit of an indication of what to expect. I want to sell: - Fifa 09 - Fifa 10 - World Cup - Virtua Tennis 2009 - Naruto the...
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    The Official Special 1 tv Thread

    -D24iuB-O_k It's nearly here :star: :D
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    Top 50 paid players

    Top 50 paid players in the world.... Salaries of footballers 2009/2010 # Player Club Monthly Annual 1 Ronaldo Real Madrid CF € 1,083,000 € 13,000,000 2 Zlatan Ibrahimovic FC Barcelona € 1,000,000 € 12,000,000 3 Messi FC Barcelona € 875,000 € 10,500,000 4 Samuel Eto'o Internazionale €...
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    (Graphic images inside.) Wasilewski of Anderlecht breaks his leg

    Axel Witsel was the player who did it: :eek::eek: Holy crap! Hope he recovers from it... (I couldn't find a Belgium football thread)
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    A question for all milan fans..

    hi guys, im obviously new here but have been reading this forum for a while, anyway i was just wondering what most of the AC Milan fans think of Manchester United? and weather they prefer them to arsenal, liverpool and chelsea? I'd also like to add that i get the impression that most fans on...