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    Player Profile on Player Threads

    Very briefly, can someone take up the task of creating a proper player profile page (at least of those who have played competitive match for AC Milan) in the Current Players and Staff thread we have for them? Would be really nice to have all the interesting information and data on them in one...
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    Grad School Ranking Help in Italy

    Hi guys, I was thinking of going for grad school now, and I looking into Italy. I went over a few websites but really didn't extract much information. It would be great if someone who has studies in Italy, or still lives there could inform me on these two things I see:Top Italian Technical...
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    Time To Sell?

    When the chips are down, you need to cut your loses and run! With the performances from Europe's top club worse than a club from a third division, the only plausible answer to fix the team for the future is sell some players. The mindset and the atmosphere at the club is that of a wanting to...
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    What's On TV?

    Ugly Betty is a TV Show: Ugly Betty is a Golden Globe Award winning American television dramedy series starring America Ferrera and Eric Mabius. -Wikipedia/Ugly Betty * Spolier * The lady in the dark room, with all the silk veil and all, who obsesses about everything outside is a dude.
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    African Footballer of the Year 2006

    There are three finalist to winning the award. Drogba, Essien, Eto'o. Samuel Eto'o has won it for the last 3 years, this is his 4th year running. I personally think Eto'o should win it. Coz I really hate the Club the others two hail...
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    Andrea Barzagli

    Considering the derth of depth at the back, I think we should atleast try to get this one, even if he ends up in rotation like Bonera. He might come cheap and we really need younger legs in the defence. Not an impressive career but worth consideration. Heres his profile at
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    Gilardino out Performed Sheva at Milan?

    Hi, guys, I wanted to start a poll and a discussion on the fact that Sheva had a name for himself at Milan before Gilardino came. He was the King forward for Milan. Amazing scorer and Amazing finisher. No questions. When Gilardino came, he took time to settle in, and later on he scored alot of...
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    Pride FC & UFC Followership

    Yo guys! What up? Anyone sees any of the two league or proffessional Kick-boxing or more Japanese colloqioally Boshido? I dont want to rant about the violence in it, I actually love the fighting. Some of the comebacks and punches are really worth watching! This is for the fans of the game to...
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    Sol Leaves Arsenal

    I came to me as a surprise but as a good news too, that Sol Campell, the former Tottenham man has decided to leave Arsenal. Arsenal, just coz they give a severe cold shoulder to anyone above 30, is decidedly not the best place for a player his age. I think he is a valuable player and milan can...
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    When Can I get the Sig and Avatar Option?

    Hey, mods, when does a user get a sig and Avatar option? I mean I am at 130ish posts...? :) Please do me a favour :P Haha jk!
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    Best Manager RPG

    Whats your favorite, or the best manager RPG out there. I'm playing CM 03/04 ever since on the PC.
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    Crespo: World Class?

    This might be redundant for many buy I really wanted to know if Hernan Crespo was really a "World Class Strike" by any definition? IMO, hes one hell of a striker. Probably one of the top elite, if there is any such class. But then again, 'dont touch my sheva' :P Every striker would love to be...
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    Gila Chat!

    Can anyone please be kind enough to get the complete Gila chat that happened on AC Milan Website AND its english translation! Please :) :star: :cool: :dance: