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    Postless Members

    Just checked the memberlist, and I found out that there's about 24 pages of registred members who never ever posted which makes their post count 0. The Admins can probably get a rid of these useless people. I mean, can it make a difference about the space on the sever? P.S.: It's not a...
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    Strange Happenings

    Just wondering. I'm pretty sure this phenomenon happens to almost everybody in the world, I'm talking about flashbacks. You know when, for example, you're watching a movie at home with friends then someone tells you something, it can be anything like "What hour is it?", then you've the strong...
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    Wich Pulp Fiction Character Are You?

    Take the quiz and post you results. Wich Pulp Fiction Character Are You? You don't tolerate shit. The .45 you carry in you pocket is scary, but your words are the real threat, especially when you decide to get Biblical. Try to take it easy, but maintain that edge of yours, which tends to...
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    Barry White Died

    Barry White, who had suffered kidney failure from years of high blood pressure, died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center around 9:30 a.m., said manager Ned Shankman. He was 58. White had been undergoing dialysis treatment and had been hospitalized since last September. :cry:
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    U.K. or G.-B.?

    What's the difference between the United Kingdom and the Great Britain? :conf:
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    Is it me or the site has been hacked by Turkish hackers? :cry:
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    Wrong time?

    I just noticed that the forums' time is wrong. It's about 20:51 but the forums' time claim that it's 21:51. :o Just to let you know. :D
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    Primavera Thread

    So this is it, the Primavera thread to follow our youngsters and "backupers". The squad: Goalkeepers: Brunelli, Simone Chianello, Rosario Parravicini, Alessandro Valsecchi, Alberto Defenders: Loviselli Roberto Machado, Clayton Sarr Adama, Mohammed (On-loan) Stefani, Mirco Vigano, Roberto...
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    What Milan souvenirs do you have?

    What Milan stuff you have. Souvenirs is like merchandise, for those who doesn´t understand what I mean. This is my list. 1 Jersey: 01/02 Home. 1 Keychain: Milan logo on it. 1 Cap: Black cap with Milan logo on it.
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    Asteroid impact with Earth ruled out for 2019

    July 29, - Astronomers said Monday they have determined that a newly discovered, 1.2-mile-wide asteroid will miss the Earth in 2019. Last week, preliminary calculations of the orbital path traveled by asteroid 2002 NT7 suggested the space rock had about a 1-in-250,000 chance of plowing...
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    Crespo: I may leave Lazio

    Hernan Crespo has added to speculation surrounding his future my admitting that he may leave the club. The Argentine was yesterday linked with a move to Manchester United in a swap deal with Juan Veron. "I still feel that my position at this club is unstable. The transfer market is open until...
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    Champions League Forum

    I think it should be very interesting to create a Champions League Fourm. We could start a thread for each group, discuss about matches, stats... We can also discuss about our favorite team performance.
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    Return to Castle Wolfenstein

    Does anyone of you plays Return to Castle Wolfenstein ?
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    Star Wars: Episode II

    What do you think ? I saw it... and it's the best Star Wars movie.
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    Young Player of the Year

    Who's your Young Player of the Year ? For me, it's Sarr. He show his potential. He can sometimes remplace Contra if this one is injured or absent. Pirlo can't win this honor because he's the better then the others players of his age. Donati, Aliyu and Kutuzov can win this award but Carlo don't...
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    Ambro out the National Team

    I'm dissapointed by Trap's decision to forget Ambro for Wolrd Cup 2002.
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    With all that changes like the arrivals of Tomasson, Coco and Colo. Wich tactics do you want to see used ? Wich players ?
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    Your Favorite Player

    Who's you favorite player ? For me, it's Filippo Inzaghi. I also like Sheva, Pirlo and Abbiati.
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    Come on, Sheva!

    He used to score a goal per match, and everything seemed normal. The fans, too, got used to it, and now that he has stopped scoring, they can’t believe it. It’s not normal, anyway. Sheva is certainly going to start scoring again loads of goals, but all the fans should support him now...