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  1. Yuchen Li

    Do me a favour to complete this survey.

    Hey, I am wondering if you guys can do me a favour to complete this survey ? This survey only contains 6 questions and you should be able to finish it in 2 minutes. My friend is going to open a jewellery shop online and he created a survey to find out people's like. Please do it if you are not...
  2. Yuchen Li

    A question from my psychology class !

    Hello everyone, i am a student and i have a psychology class today ( I don't like psychology and also sucks in this kind of courses, but the university said science students also need to take some arts courses for elective courses, i have to select this. Because Language or history or other arts...
  3. Yuchen Li

    Football Management Games

    I play FM 2006 in this summer and really enjoy it ( In fact, it is almost completely same as CM 04, just change some datas and players ). I want to discuss this game with our members who also play it.;)
  4. Yuchen Li

    The football player's names association game.

    Hi, let's play an association game about football players name. I say a player's name, next people use that player's name's last letter as the first letter to name another player. For example, if i said "Kaka", you can say "Abbiati, Ambrosini, Adriano....." You can say any player whoes name's...
  5. Yuchen Li

    Can you use chopsticks ?

    I am a Chinese and all of Chinese use chopsticks when we eat food, but after i come to Canada, I find most of Canadian can't use chopsticks, can you use chopsticks ?
  6. Yuchen Li

    Milan - Livorno 30/04/2006

    Hello mate, i am very glad to open this Serie A. This is my second time to open a match thread. The first one, we 3:1 Messina and Juve 1:1 Lazio ( if juve lost it will be more perfect..... ). But i am sorry that Kaka and Nesta injured.... ( Hope they just injured a little + they can play when...
  7. Yuchen Li

    If you can change 3 rules in football game.

    If you can change 3 rules in football game, what do you want to change ? I want to change 3 rules are : 1st, a team can change 6 players in a game, because i feel only 3 players is so little. 2nd, a team can't change players in last 5 minutes, because some teams change players in last 5...
  8. Yuchen Li

    Compare our forum with Serie A

    Hello mate, i had joined this forum more than half an year and i make a lot of friends and i want to say something !!! In my opinion, Serie A is the best football league in the world, this forum is the best forum !!! I just think i can compare our forum users with the Serie A teams !! We all...
  9. Yuchen Li

    Messina - Milan 22/04/2006

    Hello mate, this is my first time to open Milan's match's thread, i hope i can bring a good luck to Milan. :) Forza Milan !
  10. Yuchen Li

    Milan Derby

    Derby is an important sporting contest between 2 clubs in a same city, Milan Derby is the best Football Derby in the world. I hope we can discuss Milan Derby in this thread, we can discuss some wonderful games in Milan Derby ( Like we 6-0 beat Inter on 2001 or others ), some key players in Milan...
  11. Yuchen Li

    Yuchen's apologize

    Hello my friend, how are you today ? Does anything is fine ?:) After i join this forum, i feel it is really nice and i am really enjoy it ( especially these 3 months ). But i know a lot of people hate me and this is my apologize.:cry: When i come to Canada, i find 99% of my classmates...
  12. Yuchen Li

    Who will win this year's Golden Boot?

    Hi everyone, can we predict which player will get the golden-boot in this WC ?? I hope Shevchenko, Gila or Inzaghi ( if he can play ) will get the golden-boot.
  13. Yuchen Li

    Do you want to give mzk57 a chance ???

    Hi everyone, i think we all know there was a people named mzk57 was banned last month. He just send a E-mail to me and he said : hell China boy I am really missing u, Dugi Nesta, Besi Kaka, Magester, BWM Taylor, Nesta_86 & acmilan-online I have joined milanmania, but its notr as good as...
  14. Yuchen Li

    The people who use ICQ please help me

    Hi, everyone. I need some people who use ICQ please help me !!!!! I want to get a ICQ number, but i don't know how to apply a ICQ number:cry: :cry: !!! Oh !!! Can you help me ??? Can you give me a link about apply ICQ number or if you have a lot of ICQ number, and you want to give up one of...
  15. Yuchen Li

    Materazzi opens Milan door

    Source: Football Italia Inter stopper Marco Materazzi has indicated that he would accept a move to city rivals Milan at the end of the season. The Rossoneri have been linked with the unsettled defender for some time and he this evening suggested that a city switch could be on the cards. “I...
  16. Yuchen Li

    Milan 1998-1999

    Hi mates, I started to watch Milan's games in 1997, durning that time, Milan has a lot of problems. Although we have a lot of good players, we only get 10th in the Serie A. In the seaosn 1998-1999, Milan get the champion in Serie A, that is the first time i saw we get champion. In my opinion...
  17. Yuchen Li

    How to share my videos ??

    Hello mates, i had found some videos about Shevchenko goals in 99/00, Shevchenk goals in 00/01, Shevchenk goals in 01/02, Shevchenk goals in 02/03, Shevchenk goals in 03/04, Shevchenk goals in 04/05. They are very nice, i also have a lot of videos in my computer. If i want to share them in this...
  18. Yuchen Li

    Which player we should sell

    I think Milan needs to sell some players after this season. How about sell Serginho ???:conf: Which player do you think uesless for Milan and we should sell ????
  19. Yuchen Li

    How to make a personal website.

    My computer skill is so bad so i want to do some practise to improve it. I want to make a personal website but i don't know how to do it. First, i think i need to find some areas to make my website, but i don't know what to do. Does anyone can tell me what should i do ? ( because i don't have...
  20. Yuchen Li

    I get zero in my test

    I come from China and i am studying in Canada. This September i will go to UBC ( University of British Columbia ) to study pre-pharmacy, i am studying at OC ( Okanagan College ) this semester. I take English academic course ( Reading : short-fiction & novel ), this is very difficult for me (...