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    Calculus and Applicable School Work

    Hey, anybody here to Applicable or Calculus Maths in yr 12........or if they DID do much did u get ...% wise.....thnx
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    Answers Wanted!!!!

    Whats up guys n' girls. Silly question time from myself..... This is for anyone thats like 19 or 20 years old...or if u know anyone around that age. How tall were u when u were 16.......and how TALL are u NOW??? :d Serious question........ I would appreciate if u all could answer.
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    Ronaldinho World Player of the Year

    Im a bit confused here because this was done on a peoples vote so therefore cant be the real 'World Footballer of the Year'. LONDON, Dec 9 (Reuters) - Brazilian Ronaldinho was named World Soccer magazine's Player of the Year on Thursday with Jose Mourinho winning Manager of 2004 and Greece...
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    Celtic vs Milan

    Are we not ment to start a thread on this, or has no one come around to it??? ......all Milan need is the one point to secure the top spot ahead of Barca in this one as we have a better head-to-head record and thus set up a possible match with Real Madrid, Arsenal or Bayern.
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    One word "SPECIAL" If you saw his two goals and assist against will all agree.. If u havnt go to and look on the left hand column and u should find goals....or if someone has an outright link...because i done sorry. Awesome goals.....especially the secodn/
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    Haha may i ask what hes done wrong....ok i understand u heavily favour Passion but Mario simply stated in a thread that he had been on juve forums .....then Passion had a go at him.....and he retaliates and gets banned.....isnt that a lil unfair? and then he said second If boban gets banned...
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    Galliani encouraged over Real Madrid's Ronaldo for Nesta

    AC Milan defender Alessandro Nesta is being linked with Real Madrid. Despite the signings of Jonathan Woodgate and Walter Samuel over the summer, Real president Florentino Perez remains keen on Italy's golden boy, Nesta. Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti will fight tooth-and-nail to hold onto...
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    Gattuso next Milan Captain

    GALLIANI ON GATTUSO: 'He's our future captain' 18 September 2004 13:36 MILANELLO - Adriano Galliani talked about Rino Gattuso who is about to make his 200th Rossoneri appearance and is seen as a future club captain: 'Here's medal for another youngster who is studying close to a great...
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    04/05 Fixtures

    Does anyone know when the 04/05 season fixtures will be released???
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    Milan Pre-season tour

    Does anyone have the full list of fixtures or all of the games and dates for Milans 04/05 pre-season
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    Aussies - Euro 2004 on SBS

    Anyone that has SBS (Australians) :) , do have an idea of how many games Sbs are showing and what games they are ????Cheers
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    Lampard Set To Sign 25m pound Contract

    Frankie Lampard is set to sign a new 25m pounds, 5-year-deal with Chelsea within the next 24 hours. They say he will be paid 100,000 per week (British Pounds) which is a ridiculous amount. This is worrying for clubs like Milan and the rest. Say for example Sheva hears the news.....dont u think...
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    Madrid Sign Samuel

    Real Madrid have signed Samuel from Roma. That will improve their WEAK defence a great deal, Samuel is really good in all areas of the defensive game. Milan should have attempted to sign him perhaps instead of Stam but he said he wouldnt leave Roma for another Serie A club so owell. Good luck to...
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    Spain Squad

    Mista misses out on the Euro squad.....????? :eek: :eek: What do you have to do to get a call-up .....i can not believe it. I would pick him ahead Luque, Exteberria and even Raul........Reyes misses out aswel...but thats understandable....there is alot of quality in that strike force but Mista...
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    Who here lives in Milan or Italy

    Who here lives in Milan or Italy......if so how is the country and the city
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    Milan Vs Brescia

    Surprised some one hasnt put it in game of the season and its also at the San Siro!!!! Hopefully there will be a HUGE Scudetto clebration after the match! It is also be Roberto Baggio's final match...end to a great career! Hopefully we can win to break the 80 point mark and beat...
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    Tips for Euro 2004

    I want everyone to enter there top 3 for this years European Championships......we will see who is the closest come the end of the tournament!!!! :D 1. Italy 2. Holland 3. Czech Republic
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    Sheva Makes Totti Call

    At least someone has some brains....good on Sheva for making a call to Totti to did Pirlo later on, this should spur Totti knowing that he is wanted ---------------------Dida----------------------- Cafu-----Nesta-------------Stam--Maldini---...
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    Le Championatte Team Of The Year

    Here is the French league team of the year as follows: Thats a very good team in my mind and some good youngsters there......ala Evra - Milan should look into him and Drogba. Very very surprised Djibrill didnt make the team ahead of Morientes.....he deserved it more than Fernando...although...
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    Vitaly Kutuzov

    I heard this guy is having a good season for Avellino and has attracted some interest from bigger clubs. What his season been like....stats??? and he is only 24