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  1. Kalac#16

    1/8 Final: ENGLAND *1 - 1 COLOMBIA

    Comin' home init lads
  2. Kalac#16

    The "My club is better than yours" thread

    Get talking Holy Goalie. I'm very, very bored of the EPL thread being polluted with your crap.
  3. Kalac#16

    Merry Christmas

    Well, it's only a little over a week away, surprised i'm opening this thread really. Due to "the credit crunch" i'll be most likely getting feck all, or close to. Merry Christmas! anyway. :)
  4. Kalac#16

    The Man Love Corner

    Well, due to popular demand i've created a thread, in which we can discuss our "man crushes", we all have them, dru with Amauri for example. :D So, who's yours? Mine of course being Martin Laursen. Stillian probably is quite co-operative but, being co-operative would ruin the thrill of the...
  5. Kalac#16

    Top 5 Milan CL Goals This Season

    In your opinion what were the best Milan goals this season.. IMO 5. Kaka's 3rd - Anderlecht 4. Seedorf - Man U 3. Kaka - Celtic 2.Kaka's 2nd at OT - Man U 1. Pippo's 2nd - Liverpool
  6. Kalac#16


    So, Serbia won. Gotta love this though Pity the whole thing now is based either on politics or where you are positioned.
  7. Kalac#16

    The Hoff

    At his all time cheesiest :D
  8. Kalac#16

    Bergkamp Testimonial

    Did anyone catch this game??It was Bergkamp's last :proud: + arsenal's first in there new stadium...Van Basten and Kruyf(or however you spell it)Played 20 mins + Overmars, Ian wright and a few others featured And Stam was playing for Ajax. :proud:
  9. Kalac#16

    Coaches on their way out after the WC

    Lippi has resigned now...Damn, that's one hell of a CV 5 scundetto's one CL 1 coppa Italia and 1 WC. Klinsman has resigned from Germany coach..He says it's cuz he wants to spend more time with his family... Scolari is still undecided or is negotiating a new contract with Portugal And Brazil's...
  10. Kalac#16

    New FIFA world rankings

    1.Brazil 2.Italy 3.Argentina 4.France. 5.England 6.Holland 7.Spain 8.Portugal 9.Germany 10.Czech Rep I don't know 8th n 9th so u'll have to do some researchin. WTF why Brazil???They never looked convincing at any1 point + only got to the quarters...FIFA picking fav's. again? :o
  11. Kalac#16

    How scary are you?

    You Are Scary You even scare scary people sometimes!
  12. Kalac#16

    What type of weather are you?

    You Are Lightning Beautiful yet dangerous People will stop and watch you when you appear Even though you're capable of random violence You are best known for: your power Your dominant state: performing