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  1. Shiby

    Robin van Persie

    He never really grew on me as a world class striker... dont know why as it is more then obvious he truly is amazing. Seriously... someone give me a good oppinion on this guy please. Underrated much or is just that Arsenal are crap?
  2. Shiby

    1 Million post

    1 Million post coming up!!! We are over Posts: 999,325 Who will have the honor :lol:
  3. Shiby

    Barbara Berlusconi or Rosella Sensi

    Who´d you rather hit? I am for Barbara... she makes my juices flowing. Rosella Barbara
  4. Shiby

    Seria A or CL?

    This crossed my mind when I was talking to some RM friends and they said that winning La Liga is the priority. If you guys must choose something. What would you say? Winning Scudetto or CL? (we will win both but just for discussion) I say CL.