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  1. Australiano1980

    Official: Ismael Bennacer Thread

    Classy monster.
  2. Australiano1980

    The Rumour Commode XXXVII: Mercato Dyspnea

    I think if were able to close does deals.. we gonna be doing fine.
  3. Australiano1980

    The Rumour Commode XXXVII: Mercato Dyspnea

    Berlusconi was the man in the market in his days.
  4. Australiano1980

    The Rumour Commode XXXVII: Mercato Dyspnea

    The persuit for Botman seems to be more serious than that one over Vlasic.
  5. Australiano1980

    The Rumour Commode XXXVII: Mercato Dyspnea

    So, Maldini needs to sign himself in order to start the mercato. How much are his earnings?
  6. Australiano1980

    Week 38: CAMPIONI D'ITALIA: Sassuolo vs Milan 22/05/2022 18:00 CEST

    Good lucky to us.. i hope for everthing to goes in the right direction.
  7. Australiano1980

    The Rumour Commode XXXV: Champions Edition

    Kinda dissapointed to hear that we after Origi. Honestly, we do need a #10 before hire a striker.. and this striker can be someone a bit better than Origi.
  8. Australiano1980

    UEFA Champions League 2021/22

    We could easily be top 8 in Europe right now.. in the group stage i think we lacked a bit o effort, personality, i dont know what when wrong, we did massacred Madrid at their home, and behaved like little fluffly ducks against Porto.
  9. Australiano1980

    Franck Kessié Thread

    I cant feel bad about him leaving, he was always incosistent, his last fail was at San Siro against Atletico, a guy wanting to earn more than 8M can't have a behavior like that.
  10. Australiano1980

    Week 25: Milan- Sampdoria 13/02/2022 - 12:30 CET

    I think were on the run again. The boys are doing well.
  11. Australiano1980

    Official: Sandro Tonali Thread

    The only nice thing going on right now at Milan, is Tonali.
  12. Australiano1980

    Official: Zlatan Ibrahimović Thread II

    We also used to say 10 years ago, that he is not capable of playing in Champions League. Funny. But imo, we should move on, and left this formula behind, if he wants to stay and assist Pioli's ok, he implemented the 4-2-3-1 anyway.
  13. Australiano1980

    Official: Sandro Tonali Thread

    We have two good players with the ball, Tonali and Bennacer, we about to get one more Adli, Pioli needs to focus more on the midfield. For sure, Brahim Diaz isn't the man to articulate Milan's attacking game.
  14. Australiano1980

    Official: Zlatan Ibrahimović Thread II

    His currently physical condition duo to his age, is obviously changing his style as days go by, is forcing us to play more stactically up front. He tries to move around, he is a monster, but the team is tending to keep finding Ibra inside the box. We dont shoot anymore, we just drift our game to...
  15. Australiano1980

    Official: Rafael Leão Thread

    With Milanlab we never know.
  16. Australiano1980

    Franck Kessié Thread

    Some players appears to feel bigger than the club their in... apparently Kessie is to be the case. He's not a solid player anyway.
  17. Australiano1980

    Champions League Group Stage: AC Milan - Liverpool FC 07/12/2021 21:00 CET

    Really impressive how Ibra gets small in this competitions.. The team overall was the same, our actions are totally predictable (theres a reason when Theo and Diaz aren't able to play) and our defense pratically a mother. Teams in Europe aren't a bunch of underdogs or a collapsed Juventus. A...
  18. Australiano1980

    Week 15: Genoa vs Milan 01/12/2021 20:45 CET

    Nice victory, the boys played right, didnt actually need a lot of effort to beat Genoa. Tactically we still hostages of our own effort.
  19. Australiano1980

    Official: Mike Maignan thread

    Maignan is a monster, great save yesterday.