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    GIF pictures

    Is it possible to disable .gif pictures? Awholebunch of our members post more gif pictures then they post serious things (TEXT, duh). Andthen you have some individuals who are spamming the same picture 312 times in one reply. Please do something aboutthis?:thumbsup: Grt
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    Next season discussion with Jean Pierre Meersseman

    Hello guys, I went a few days to Milan this week and also went to see Milan - Barca.. I stayed with my uncle Jean Pierre Meersseman - founder of Milan Lab - and i asked him about the future of Pippo Inzaghi. JP told me Inzaghi is "fin de carriere", probably we won't be seeing Pippo again...
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    Going to the derby, anyone?

    Milan - Inter Hi, are there other forum members who are going to Milan - Inter ? I'm going to Milano for 2 days :D , have free ticket :cool:
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    young player suffers cardiac arrest

    Hi guys, I live in Belgium, in Oostduinkerke. Each year they organise an international tournament with clubs such as Club Brugge, Anderlecht, Tottenham, Benfica Lissabon, Frankfurt, PSV.....I live 50 meters from there. This morning I went to see Tottenham - Club Brugge. What happened in front of...
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    Post your own made wallpapers!

    I thought...maybe I should open a thread where people can show their wallpapers they made on their own! I hope I'm not opening a useless thread :rolleyes: Just made a new one: Here Hope u guys like it :)
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    PSV - AC Milan (1/11/05) Champions league

    Maybe too early to open a thread about this game, but imo this is a very very very inmporant match in the group stage. In Milan's group, everything is still possible. Milan has 5 points, PSV and Fenerbahce 4 points and shalke 2 points. So it's very important to win this match, and we must hope...