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It was not partying or injuries. The dude just never really developed his skillset and tactical understanding.

His game is as raw today as it was when at 18. He still can do those instinctive runs to the box (altough he has lost some of this speed and acceleration now) and he still has that slick and fast dribbles and eventual great finishing touch.

And he still can't use this consistently, he still can't play outside the box cause his short passes and first touch turn/control is still bad and he still can't do the more demanding job of a pivot and he still is not smart enough to be a pure poacher either.

We all saw those weakness when he had arrived at Milan but he was so young and had such raw tools that you would just assume it was just a matter of time and training. But it never happened. That's the thing with potential: sometimes it is doesn't become real.

Mbappe at 22 is a much more complete player than he was at 17.
Thanks Sven. Everything was instinctive as you said, that's why his dribbles were straight line runs, often into defenders. Great goalscorer though.
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