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Originally Posted by Pollo View Post
Walloons are not lazy, Flemish-people are big headed that's the problem
and yes I'm the Italian living in Genk,
It's the reason why I know that Courtois, Defour and co are total douchebags

and you have to accept that even though i'm living here, I don't have to support Belgium
I can only support 1 nation with my heart unlike Belgians who change team when their own is out or isn't participating

and club football and national teams are not the same, enemies becomes friends
I have no shame in saying that Pirlo and Buffon are my heroes

ofcourse all waloons aren't lazy, my guess is that flemingos are lazier

your right to support anyone who you want

i only support milan, because of that it's nice to see belgian NT doing well and it's a good excuse to drink beer with friends
during previous WC's i support whom i liked mostly the teams where there were more milan players

but supporting a jube filled team is just to me, of course you do whatever you want
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