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And lol, Boriello is a Milan youth team guy, whom we alr owned half of his contract, he ended the season with 20 plus goals. Whats wrong?

Bonera and Oneywu, hardly a major signing, nothing spectacular, they are meant for backups.

Please share your unlimited knowledge and tell me who is available and is cheaper than Biglia could be? Monto and Aqua? Monto's transfer fee got stuck, which may be the reason G is looking else where. G confirming interest in Aqua, it's just to pretend we are stealing Fiorentina's target, so that they may sell Montpellier cheaper. Both of them ain't any better than Biglia.
How could you say that?

Most of peeps says that he is called to Argei NT, so he has something. He is called up just because of lacking alternatives, they even called up Gago who is a bench warmer for Real since 2 years.

i dont watch Belgian League much, He is good player, though he is defensively weak, good vision and tecnique, however he is not Milan material.

i agree with that Il grande Milan on Biglia...

Benjamin, you should remember that we are Milan not Genoa... Diego and Biglia...

if you say that Lucho, i'd agree, he could give something to Milan, different kind of player. Strong, big, skilled and good shooter though he is a bit slow.

But Biglia and Diego? Come on man, We are not Genoa... 3/4 failed carreer Diego and Biglia...

im okay with if Genoa sign him and he prove himself at Serie A, then we can move for him. (Biglia)

i remember he was regarded as next Pirlo 4 years ago when we met his team at CL. Then he could step up since then.

Serie A is not kind of league he could like, La Liga suits better to him if you ask me. i wish he could improve his defensive game and he could be a bit figher kind of player.

Btw if you see Biglia as a major signing, im really speechless. Come on man, at most he can be a rotation player for now.

i hope you are not a 12 years old kid. i suspect it because of Diego and Biglia.

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