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Originally Posted by Sven View Post
I'm not singling out Pioli just yet only because of the context he lost his hand on the team. It was during that endless streak of injuries when players would get injured and come back playing like they needed walking sticks and then get injured again.

The team slowly lost form starting from november and only in the last few games when Hakan and Benna were in some kind of form the team improved a bit but clearly not enough to save the season and we will probably not see that form again.

There was something really wrong with the fitness this season or maybe the preseason. Maybe the EL playoffs rushed things or something. But it's really absurd how a team so young suffered so much with injuries this season. This needs some response, maybe rethink the preparation or fire some people.

That said Pioli couldn't make a plan B work. He had no answer when the pressing game became less and less intense. He couldn't make the attack work without Ibra and the defense pretty much has the same problems game after game.

The CL spot will go down to the wire. It's all playoffs now.

The main problem is we havnt had a striker when Ibra was missing. Leao is very raw and has a kids mentality. Pioli has deffo made mistakes but having no proper striker for half the games this season gonna be tough on any coach.

We really need a fit Zlatan for this last stretch or we are doomed.
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