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Originally Posted by Goodfella View Post
Yeah, what's wrong with spending 30m on an inexperienced kid, who just had his first Serie A season as a starter, for a delicate role that requires experience and maturity. Other prospects have been sold for more, like umm........Marquinhos? To P$G. Roma used that money to make a huge upgrade in Benatia for 13m and then sold him, a proven quality CB, for 26m.

How many Sampdoria games did you watch last season?
Pray tell, what was samps defensive record last season?

He's not worth that price obviously and if we got someone better, with a more potential for a lower price then why not? If luiz can go for the price he went for, I can justify the club buying him. We have money but out of europe, we'll have to overpay. That's the reality

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