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Originally Posted by Goodfella View Post
They conceded 42 more than Chievo, 8 less than Bibboilan.

So you did not watch Sampdoria last season?

"Don't see what's wrong in paying 30m."
"He's not worth that price obviously"


no, you can't.

We don't have to buy some kid for 30m.
Roma got Benatia for 13m, Manolas for 15m, Castan for 5.5m, Marquinhos for 3m... Without offering UCL football(except for Manolas, who was the most expensive out of the four)

And the midfield should be a bigger priority.
no no our defense deserves attention especially if rami is departing and (god i'm hoping) Mexes is not renewing.

Romagnoli is valued at 20m. fair amount considering his age. out of Maksimovic, Romagnoli, Abdennour, Laporte and Hummels, we will sign 2.

i am sure.

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