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20mill is still expensive. Reasonable price is 12-13 mill, probably 15 mill would be a decent deal. The kid has still everything to prove. Juventus bought Ogbonna for 13 mill after one solid season (and he was captain of Torino) ... and Juve fans are now cheering that Juve will sell him for 9-10 mill.

A youngster with talent is just that, a youngster that still needs to prove everything. When PSG bought Marquinhos for 30 mill, it was because he was one of the best defenders in Serie A, getting high ratings in all of his games, and PSG had tons of money to waste ... and still looking back he probably wasn't worth all that money and Benatia is probably better .

Just because we might have some money doesn't mean that we should throw it left and right instead of thinking what the best value is (it's not unlikely that we might save some money for a winter transfer) especially if we are in a close fight and an injury happens or a good deal comes along.
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