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Originally Posted by Balo45 View Post
I?ve said this many times on here because there?s a few of them but these kinds of dudes are just so annoying. There are times to criticize and times to praise, this is a football fan forum lmao. That?s what being a fan is. But ?trolling? or not when literally everything you say, even when you?re trying to be funny, is negative I just really wonder. Everything he says is just Milan sucks, our players suck, everything sucks, grass is greener at Bayern, idk. Jokes aren?t even funny.

It?s just the internet so I won?t judge, I could never really know but in the real world I know I don?t enjoy being around people who always spew negativity. If everything that comes out is negative you?re probably not a fun person to hang out with.
It's a need of attention and that they actually believe they're being funny, original or something.

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