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Originally Posted by Balo45 View Post
I?ve said this many times on here because there?s a few of them but these kinds of dudes are just so annoying. There are times to criticize and times to praise, this is a football fan forum lmao. That?s what being a fan is. But ?trolling? or not when literally everything you say, even when you?re trying to be funny, is negative I just really wonder. Everything he says is just Milan sucks, our players suck, everything sucks, grass is greener at Bayern, idk. Jokes aren?t even funny.

It?s just the internet so I won?t judge, I could never really know but in the real world I know I don?t enjoy being around people who always spew negativity. If everything that comes out is negative you?re probably not a fun person to hang out with.
I don't know what issues this guy has irl, but he's been doing this on RnB for years now. It's always the same predictable crap in an attempt to wind people up.

Not sure how long you've been around, but I'd strongly advise you not to waste your time on this poster. [emoji28]


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