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This was such a shit show from the start.

They clearly needed 15 teams to even have a hope of pulling this off. Bayern, PSG and Dortmund not signing up = this was dead before it even started. No representation from Germany or France.

But they went with it anyway. With "12 members signed up, and 3 more top clubs expected to join." How exactly were Bayern, PSG, Dortmund going to be persuaded? What was the plan, guys??? In particular how the fuck were Bayern and Dortmund going to be expected to be persuaded considering the 50+1 rule and obviously no German fans would sign up for this?

Without Germany or France it was always dead on arrival. But they just said "fuck it, we'll do it anyway!" Idiots.

Oh and also they clearly didn't expected even 25% as much backlash as this plan received... Especially in England. Caught totally off guard.

This has to be one of the BIGGEST fiascos in the history of sport and business.
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