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Originally Posted by Shiby View Post
Would people still support the ESL if we were qualifying year in year out into the CL? Probably not. The only reason why people support this is the reasont that we have been a badly run club with no vision.

And that is our fault and not enough of a reason to form a superleague and forget our history and heritage and play 70min long games so 16 year old kids can follow.

We?ve been shit and now lets slowly move on from there in a reformed system that worked for us before.
It's been a badly run club by the two previous owners, B&G and then Yonghong Li. Yet the current owners who are doing tremendously well given the circumstances and the miserable events who lead to them taking over got a maxi punishment.

How is being punished for another's failures just in your eyes?

I could get behind the idea that some kind of punishment had to be done... Maybe a lifetime ban for the old owners from any kind of football activities. Burry them under a sick load of law suits that makes them bleed even more money.

But nope, Yonghong is chilling in China and Silvio enjoying his Monza, while the ones who payed are the ones who had nothing to do at all with said failures.

Again: how's that just?

UEFAs idea of justice is odd. It's to install a system that makes sure that who's rich stays rich and who's trying to climb the latter has to do it under such severe restrictions that it's close to impossible. And if they try nonetheless and the taken risk doesn't pay back, what's the punishment? Widening the gap even more by taking them away the one and only real possibility to actually close that gap.

It's not that far from ESL, really. How many times did a little poor club win the CL in the past 20 years? Porto once? And then? Where is that ominous but often mentioned meritocracy in all of this?

Sure, ESL is flawed af and probably not even that much better. But as long as no one takes a stand against UEFA and FIFA people will realize soon enough that what they were fighting for in the last 48 hours has already died long time ago.
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