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Originally Posted by sheva View Post

Cutrone is 23, he managed to score 0 goals this season on 3 separate leagues.

Aubameyang at 23 (and before) has netted double digits for St. Ettiene. Also, has managed to continually grow both end product wise and mentally, and has succeeded in providing consecutive successful seasons both in different clubs and leagues.
Wrong. 3 seasons in a row, he scored only 2 goals. Also, he didn't do shit at Milan and only managed to get some confidence boost after going back to his home country for 5 seasons, 1st being in Ligue 2. Cutrone shined from the start and now he's moving between foreign countries, when it's the most critical time for his growth.

I understand he's not producing, but you can't really use Auba as an example, I think they've shared similar struggles.
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