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"wasn't Auba in a similar spot at this age?",
so no:

Aubameyang at age 22\23 has netted 19 goals and 12 assists in French first division.

"3 seasons in a row, he scored only 2 goals"
again, incorrect if looking at stats. However, I get you point of him not giving much during his youth years. difference is, Cutrone is not our player anymore. Aubameyang did produce little when he was loaned to different teams every transfer season by us. Cutrone can choose any club he wishes (I.E., we are not to blame for his lack of development, unlike the Aubameyang case).

"Also, he didn't do shit at Milan and only managed to get some confidence boost after going back to his home country for 5 seasons"
Didn't do shit at Milan I agree with, partially our fault, however Cutrone stayed for a year in his home country.

summation, Aubameyang may share the same background but surely not the same story and development as it stand now.

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