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Originally Posted by Polotelli View Post
It?s been more than a week but I?ve been too ecstatic to reply before

What a beautiful team this Italy was, they deserved the win.
They showed beautiful football, teamwork and passion and I?m glad this got rewarded.

Not the best selection but they were the best team.
Mancini, Dollar, Chiellini, Bonucci, Spinazzola, Jorginho, Barella, Verratti, Locatelli, Pessina, Chiesa, Insigne are all national heros now.

Not only Italy but also Serie A dominated this tournament.
Is that why this thread was so awfully quiet? Where are all the calcio bashers at?

This was the last big trophy missing from my palmar?s as fan and I couldn?t be more happier.

Very true. An Italy World Cup triumph happens once in a generation and a euro is even rarer. I?m blessed to have witnessed both in my lifetime.


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