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Originally Posted by Jasper View Post
I vote MilanrReality to fuck off already. too many noobs quoting this troll
Thank you, Jasper. I will serve you well.

Originally Posted by jammin View Post
Reality man, pls change your name from arguably the most generic name of all time and watch the votes fly in.


also, what is your plan for ppl with 'reading comprehension is like that of a squirrel'?
As mentioned earlier... You will get all the nuts you can handle. Salty nuts. Dry nuts. Fresh nuts. Mexican nuts. Colombian Nuts. American nuts. You name the nut, I'll make sure you get a mouthful!!!

As for the username, I'm sorry my friend, but my reputation has been solidified with it. I wear it like the albatross.

David, give the people what they want!!!!! Make me MOD!!!!!!!
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