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Sorry for the late reply...I got momentarily bored and spent all of an hour and a half (or thereabout) on a 146-question EIQ (emotional intelligence quotient) test. I scored 82/100. Yaiy.

Almost felt as gruelling as those my junior year biochemistry exams. I have a stress headache right now. :/

Damn, I'm too soft. I should be cold and cruel and clinically rational. 82? Sheeeeeeeit oh sheeeeeit.

FTR, I abhor Idi Amin. He was a terrorist, a demonically-possessed cannibal. A killer. Worse than a dictator-tyrant combo. Just like Charles Taylor and Mugabe, and here, the (thankfully) late Sani Abacha.

Anyone who terms them "African heroes" is as overcome with HATE as they were. Hate and vengeance NEVER solves anything. There's a better way.

I made a reference to Wakanda...a fictional African country in the Marvel contuinuity that has geniuses as half its population. Plus an unrivalled level of technological advancement, and a Leader who's among the 8 smartest humans in the whole Marvel Universe.

That's the Africa I'm from.
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