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Originally Posted by Donato View Post
If this is true then it?s clear to me that we?ve put all our eggs into the Tonali basket (which I?m fine with), we?ve seen a market opportunity in what I believe is a generational talent and a player who can transform our midfield for the next decade. Go spend the money on Tonali, get a player like Diaz who can play a number of roles and doesn?t take up any money from our budget.

Who knows perhaps Diaz does well here and we try to keep him, he might fall in love with the club.
Was pretty much using the same logic in my head when justifying this move

IMO, we?ll be a much stronger team with a midfield that is so well covered (and secured for years to come even w the inevitable Bennacer sale in 1-2 years) than we?d be investing heavily in a RM when we have Samu who has proven to be a great system player for this position in which Pioli sees the right winger as a lot more defensive than Rebic on the other flank. Then there?s Saele who?s done well and whilst he?s not all that he will grow and does the job w the players surrounding him. I also think Conti will be promoted to playing further up more often w many games coming up. Calabria would leave and ideally we?d have Aurier and Kalulu.

With Tonali and Bakayoko also we have to think about Hakan and how he may not always be able to play that 10 role in which case we could either advance Tonali or Bennacer into that role playing 3 of them or go more offensive with Leao/Rebic there

Not sure what all this means for Paqueta. Potentially he could work in 3 roles in Piolis team but so far hasn?t worked in any really. It?d be a shame to see him sold for me but so is keeping him without playing time.

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