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Originally Posted by horsovski View Post
Lol? What a statement. I guess you are not aware how mobile phones are developing and how big is it becoming. I dont get why you say lazy fucks, this app is infact great for those who browse sites through phone and makes reading/posting a lot easier and user friendly, there is a reason why so many forums are using this. It is free for you and it can only benefit to get more visitors - when i am at home i use my laptop to write here but when i am traveling or somewhere else i want to check and participate in forum aswell dont i?
Yeah I know it's useful and probably the way to go but still I don't like them. For example I didn't read M84 almost a whole year because of it. The posting is bad, full of typos and random walls next to abbreviations. Don't see phone posters hitting 'Preview post' ever. And after that they use the excuse of 'I was posting from a phone'.

Must follow tumblr -

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