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i av bn a milan fan 4 over 11 yrs + am 19yrs old. now im sure sum of u will agre dat during the "golden berlusconi era", the main "modulo" woz 442.ask urselvs dis: how many trophies did we win btw '88 + '96?.now sum of dat success must surely b down 2 the formation?.yeh ok we ad a gr8 "allenatore"-capello but i think we av a better 1 in ancelotti.also we av sum of the best world x1 according 2 iffhs + cnn.@ da start of dis season berlusconi (jus as all of us) saw dat dis season was 2 b a new cycle even better dan dat "golden era".if u thought that u were team in da world can beet us @ (near) top form + dats not bein cocky dats da truth.iv gon on long inuf so i will just giv u's my squad wit best xi:dida,roque,nesta,kaka,maldini,rui,pirlo,seedorf ,riva,sheva,pippo

subs:abbiati,simic,laursen,billy,aubameyang,brocch i,ambro,rino,sergio,jon,redondo

p.s evry 1 els can go jump.

p.p.s rui + riva r better on da wing dan in da cntr + so r roque + maldini theyv all ad exprnc + they rock!

p.p.p.s cntrl "giocatori" wont b expsd coz they rock 2![/url][/list][/list][/code][/quote][/u][/i][/b]
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