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I still can't get over this appointment - it's a match made in hell. Sarri is a manager with a very specific set of skills. It has to be a young team, they have to be players who are not used to a particular style, it has to be a long-term project as his movements are not learned over just a few months. Moreover, Sarri is a limited coach. He has one way of playing - when that way is executed well, his team looks heavenly, otherwise they will be steamrolled. You can't cast Liam Neeson in a musical and expect it to work instantly.

The Kante situation just adds to the whole issue. Normally, a player like Kante has no role in a Sarri team - however they are now forced to make him play that way because of how important he is at Chelsea.

It was a strange appointment that had a very low chance to succeed - and it wont succeed unless all parties behave differently. Sarri has to think of plan B and plan C, Chelsea has to be patient and not fire managers the way they usually do, Chelsea players have to set aside how they have always played and be willing to learn an entirely new method. All 3 things coming together seems quite unlikely.

This also shows how good a coach Guardiola is. He was able to adapt to a very different league and modify his style to suit that league. Sarri is nowhere near that talented.

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