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it's been reported by some of our members that SR has been spamming the boards using the Private Messenger system, in order to attract members to his message boards. This is an intolerable attitude and I've took a couple of measures due to this:

> SR cannot use the PM system from now on
> SR will have the Spammer rank under his name for 30 days from now on
> SR's site name is banned so he won't be able to link to his site from these forums. Actually, SR's site name is only the second word that cannot be posted in these forums, after the name of an italian newspaper [name starting with T]

I have thought well and hard to ban Serbian Rossoneri, because that is the proper action in this case, but I am gonna give him a chance if he's willing to do some things, like stop stealing the headlines from and put them on his site, for example.

Also, SR should check his attitude when it comes to conversating with other members. One of them in particular felt insulted by one of SR's posts.

I am waiting an answer from SR to all these things and then take extra measures, if necessary.

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