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People calling for Leao to be sold already are ridiculous, maybe in the future if he doesn't sort things out but not yet... Leao is young and has a ton of talent so let's see how he does next season, maybe he gets more confident and mentally strong then. I hate when people give the youngsters only a few shots then they're out! It's really shortsighted. For example, we've offloaded so many players too soon like Aubameyang, Locatelli, Cristante and several several more and we were even going to offload Calabria before the season started lol, just such a strange team environment sometimes that is hot and cold on players week after week.
there is big difference with players you menitoned and that time we were in, and leao, he is getting a lot chance to prove himself, but apparntly its not working
to change player character its almost imposible, apart from 2 games where he was exelent, he play below average thats the fact...

yes he is still young still have huge potential and thats why we can cash in this and still sell him for good money, expecting him to start working hard its like expecting gazza stop drinking
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