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Here goes ...

Originally Posted by ibracadabra11 View Post
Hello everyone!

I know this is an Italian-only threads, but I'm guessing only those who live in Italy would know about Milanello. So if someone who can speak both Italian and English can translate this.
I posted this in the Off-Topic Section but I got no replies:

I've a question regarding the Milanello sports centre.
I will be in Milan at the end of this month and I'm trying to find out if it's possible to attend a training session at the sports centre. I've a got a couple of questions regarding Milanello, and would really appreciate it if someone could answer them.

1. How do you get to Milanello sports centre from let's say Duomo Cathedral? Is it expensive to go by taxi and how much would it cost? Or by metro? From what I've researched, Milanello seems to be far away from the centre of Milan and I need to get there either by metro or taxi
You can reach Milanello - which is near Varese, hence by motorway - by cab and I think it might cost around € 100.00 to get there, then you'll have to get back; there is no subway service; I'm not sure if you can reach the nearest village by train or bus and then take a local bus, if so, it would take ages

2. Is it possible to know what time the training sessions start? And if it is open to the public? Has anyone been to Milanello here? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
The club seldom announces if a public training session will take place; I'm afraid you'd have to go there and hope ... maybe see the players arriving and leaving

Any advice or info would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

ps. Sorry for posting in English. Wish I could speak Italian

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