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Originally Posted by Ash View Post
And this is the part that is what is absolutely shit about it.

Governments actively working to create a monopoly for UEFA and FIFA.

While the ESL was obviously flawed and anti competitive, what happens when the next time a genuine and sane breakway plan is cocked up but blocked again due to government interference.

Are folks really gonna say with a straight face that the ESL is worse than UEFA and FIFA? arguably some of the most corrupt organisations in the world. Atleast the ESL were straight up about what their intentions were, even if sugarcoating it.

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What are you talking about? What was blocked? They could go and form the league and play their hearts out. The league wasnt blocked, what was blocked was EPL clubs participating in the national league.

You cant expect them to shit and spit on EPL and over all UK cities and expect them to get away with it. Did you really expect that the politicians wont do anything? If there ever was a reason for politics to get involved in sports this was it.

Fuck sitting on both chairs. You either play by our rules or GTFO. Noone said they cant go. But if you are going to play in our league you will respect the rules of rewards and relegation. Fuck ESL. Rather watch Milan getting 7th place for next 10 years than cheating our way and drown the importance of Seria A with it.


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Ronaldinho is my favourite player, but his problem is, that he is drinking too much.
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