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Originally Posted by Shiby View Post
Would people still support the ESL if we were qualifying year in year out into the CL? Probably not. The only reason why people support this is the reasont that we have been a badly run club with no vision.

And that is our fault and not enough of a reason to form a superleague and forget our history and heritage and play 70min long games so 16 year old kids can follow.

We?ve been shit and now lets slowly move on from there in a reformed system that worked for us before.
The problem is not only because we were badly run.
The current system is bad, look at the debts of all clubs. That is not ok to have billions of debts with revenue close to 0.
With current system, one year out of CL and you are fucked.
Let's see what happens in a few years, but if nothing changes, there will be bankruptcies and crisises.
Clubs are run badly, so they had a plan how to fix it on their own. Now what? Governments will help those clubs? Same fans who were against SL will cry that it's not fair

Would like to see how players and coaches would react when agent fees and salaries are capped

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