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Originally Posted by Benz_1803 View Post
I dont get this excuse, if they can spend 10millions for some player wage, loan him out and cost him a half wage, why not for loosing a coach or staff for the same amount of money? They can sell erikssen to balance the book too.

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10m is a lot though. I don't know if they have some 10m wage semi-paid players loaned out but that would also be unreasonable biz. They'd lose 1 player as well and although Eriksen is practically out of the squad already it's still an issue. 3 coach wages and a missing player.

Either way Conte was already expected to leave Inter by mutual consent last summer but remained their coach for financial reasons. Suning is big stuff but they are dealing with some serious challenges right now I've heard.

Inter is in big trouble anyway as they'll have to start over next season regardless of Conte's verdict....and they made so many short term investments.

One could argue it's unfortunate that they didn't get an EL spot

Just read that he's on 12m net/year until 2022


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