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Originally Posted by Az. View Post
No its not, the guy was calling all Romanians gypsies from the get go of the match. He has no right to be triggered by a word he didn't understand and simply assumed like a moron that it means the 'N' word.

The guy is a xenophobic cunt, that played the race card.
It's kinda like certain ppl....hate Jews, gays, atheists, drawings pagans etc....but don't DARE criticize them else you're a hateful bigot who should be removed from polite society

#Expertz on Roma:
Originally Posted by Sage
I don't think even conte can make this clown a good defender. worst defender we've ever had
Originally Posted by necromancer
Musa is better than Romagnoli.
on Berto:
Originally Posted by necromancer
Berto … could be to us for the next 5 years, what Marchisio is to Juve.
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