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Originally Posted by Az. View Post
No its not, the guy was calling all Romanians gypsies from the get go of the match. He has no right to be triggered by a word he didn't understand and simply assumed like a moron that it means the 'N' word.

The guy is a xenophobic cunt, that played the race card.
It was one of the Basaksehir players who was caught saying "gypsy", not Webo.
He said "in my country Romanians are gypsies, I can't say gypsy".
It seems to be in response to the referee's explanation that "negru" is not racist in Romanian.
So basically what he seems to be trying to say is "I can't call Romanians gypsies, even if it's okay in my country. You shouldn't be able to say negru even if it's okay in Romania".
Is it a dumb comparison? Yes.
But your recount of the incident is wrong, unless you have access to audio or video footage which we don't.
Webo seems to have behaved rudely on the bench, but there is no proof or credible report of him calling the refs gypsies.

With that said, the referees deserve an apology.
Millions of professional and amateur "anti-racism activists" made an ass of themselves after this incident and I expect no apology or even acknowledgement of any wrongdoing from them since that movement is dominated by narcissists and cowards with no credibility.
UEFA was scared into revoking Webo's suspension and having the new refs kneel along with clout chasers who ruined a ref's career the day before. Shameful.


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