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Originally Posted by Passion for *9*
Browsed around a little for educated opinion. Nobody is denying his talent, apparently he made a couple of impressive runs + dribbles against Barcelona, but at this stage of his development he still seems too much in love with his bag of tricks + gives possession away too easily. Until I've actually seen him play I put him in the category 'product of the Brazilian hype machine'.

I saw him in both World Club doubt he has a MAJOR upside, and I think he could very easily become a very prolific scorer and I think could be quite influential. If Milan got him now we're definitely looking at about 3 years time , as you pointed out he did seem to like his party tricks a bit, however he did wrong foot Puyol and make a dope out of him a few times...make what you want of that of course. In the end,just my Crappy opinion, I don't think this guy his hype.
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