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Originally Posted by sheva-pippo View Post
Gintama is my favorite anime along with The Tatami Galaxy.

Recently I watched all the seasons of JoJo anime and absolutely loved it but I'll say one thing though Part 7 is the best one, even though it's yet to be adapted in to anime.

People always say LOTGH is the greatest anime ever and I have always ignored it because I wanted to watch more anime before I go to it but after reading this post I think I should watch it soon.

What's your favorite anime ?

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LOTGH is one of the best ever, you should definetly give it a go, just dont get scared with the build up, it can seem long, but it is awesome
I dont have a favorite, Jojo, one piece, coboi bepop, blue lagoon, castlevania, dantes inferno, the one romanian chick vampires....too many that i like

if you have any recs, let me know, im pretty dry at the moment
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